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  • Swan Audio Announce Warm Future For Diva

    By HC News |


    Swan Audio is excited to release ‘Warm Future’ - for Diva




    After providing highly detailed preset packs for Diva emulating classic analogue sounds, Swan Audio now takes Diva forward into the present and the future with a huge pack of 145 sounds made for modern electronic music.


    Diva stands for ‘Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue’, and whilst u-he has created highly accurate models emulating the analogue ‘Dinosaurs’, they also added a selection of useful digital features that are explored in this set to produce a hybrid sound set which sounds both warm and fat, and also current and cutting edge. In particular, Swan Audio has carefully set up the mod wheel to provide exciting modulation for many of the presets to give them a controllable modern edge.


    The pack is already getting great feedback from testers and featuring in professional productions from well known producers, and despite the higher number of 145 presets, the same affordable price remains at only £19.99.


    For extensive demos and more info please visit: http://swanaudio.co.uk/warm-future/




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