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  • Starr Labs Announces Release Of Its MIDI Wireless Transmitter/Receiver

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    The Starr Labs MIDI Wireless Transmitter/Receiver pair offers a low-cost solution with a solid no-dropout communication link. The AirPower system is designed to recover from momentary dropouts in transmission without stuck notes or shutting off notes needlessly. Unlike other MIDI wireless links that often will shut off a note if the link goes down before a Note-Off message can be sent. Often the link only drops out for a small fraction of a second. Some manufacturers of low-cost Wireless MIDI wireless systems rely on MIDI Active Sensing being sent from the keyboard to the Receiver. If either the transmitting keyboard or the receiving synthesizer do not support Active Sensing, or it has been turned off, a disrupted wireless link will not be detected.

    16 user-selectable channels are available, spaced across the available 2.4GHz band allowing for an unobstructed range of 300 feet. Several AirPower links can simultaneously operate on the same stage. The AirePower receiver is equipped with both MIDI and USB output for direct connection to PC or Mac. The AirPower MIDI link is also well suited to embed inside MIDI keyboards and battery-powered MIDI guitars such as the Starr Labs Z7S MIDI Guitar controller.

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