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  • RJM Music Technology Announces The Mini Amp Gizmo MIDI Amplifier Controller

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    RJM Music Technology, Inc., makers of the RG-16, Amp Gizmo and Mastermind, has announced the Mini Amp Gizmo, a size and cost reduced version of their popular Amp Gizmo product.

    "In talking to many of our users, we found that the majority of them used their Amp Gizmos to control one multi-channel amp. By producing a MIDI amp controller specifically for that purpose, we were able to reduce both the size and cost of the product." says Ron Menelli, RJM Music President and Product Designer.

    Like the original Amp Gizmo, the Mini Amp Gizmo will interface any compatible amplifier to a MIDI foot controller, allowing musicians to simultaneously switch effects and amplifier channels with a single tap of a MIDI controller button. The Mini Amp Gizmo will work with any standard MIDI foot controller, and can phantom power many controllers.

    RJM Music produces a wide range of amplifier interface cables that allows the Mini Amp Gizmo to control most amplifiers on the market - more than any other switcher available.

    The Mini Amp Gizmo will be available in March 2009 and will have an MSRP of $259.99 and a US street price of $199.99.

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