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  • Out Now: Blues MIDI

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    Just like jazz and rock, blues has been accused of being the "Devil's music" and of

    inciting violence and other poor behavior. Now, we wouldn't want to agitate any such

    despicable conduct, but rest assured, the undeniable rhythm of blues drummer Hans

    Lindbäck and the latest addition to the Toontrack MIDI collection - Blues MIDI -

    will involuntarily get your heart pumping, your fingers aching and your head



    With the included breaks, fills and full 12 bar groove variations in different

    tempos, feels and time signatures, propelling your music to a smoky bar stage and

    giving it a truly authentic impossible-to-program live touch has never been quicker,

    easier or more rewarding.


    • Categorized in different songs

    • Full 12 bar variations

    • Open hats / closed hats / cymbals / breaks / intro fills / fills / endings sections


    So, just turn up the volume, jam away and make sure to restrict any kind of violence

    only to your guitar, bass or piano! And if you at some point drift away and find

    yourself at a crossroad, meet a suspicious character with a pen and a piece of paper

    - don't sign the dotted line!


    Works with EZdrummer® and Superior Drummer® (optimized for 1 kick, 1 snare, 2 toms,

    1 floor tom, 2 crash cymbals, 1 ride cymbal).



    Link: http://www.toontrack.com/products.asp?item=103



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