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  • Numerology MIDI Sequencer for OS X Updated

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    Five12 has announced that Version 1.1 of Numerology Level 1 is now available. Numerology 1.1 includes fifteen major new features and several smaller enhancements and fixes. Prominent among the new features are Gate Division for sequencing complex rhythm patterns, a MIDI Learn mode for remote control via MIDI CC, and new modules for processing control signals.

    Numerology is a modular MIDI sequencer for Mac OS X that is oriented for live performance and experimentation. It uses sequencing techniques first established by analog sequencers in the 1970's, implemented within a virtual studio environment built from the ground up for improvisation and experimentation. Whether you are a new to music making or an experienced performer, Numerology offers a unique and powerful environment for extending your compositional boundaries.

    Numerology Level 1 is written for Mac OS X, version 10.2. A free demo is available for download, as well as demo tracks showing live performance features. The full version can be purchased online for $50.

    New Features in Numerology 1.1 Include:

    • Gate Division for the Gate Sequencer and Drum Sequencer modules : Divide any gate step using sequenced integer values between 1 and 16 to produce rhythmic effects that range from double-rhythms and triplet-based divisions, to rolls and glitched-out buzzes.
    • MIDI CC Learn mode : Use your MIDI controller hardware to control just about any parameter of a Numerology module.
    • Signal Processor Module : Process Numerology control signals to produce unique sequencing effects.
    • Mixer / Scope Module : For mixing and viewing control signals.
    • MIDI Fader Box Module : For remote-control of MIDI gear.
    • Master Loop for Tracks Sequencer.
    • Tracks Sequencer Locate, for quickly moving to any bar of a sequence.
    • New keyboard controls for navigation.
    • Enhanced preset management with snapshots per-preset edit buffers.
    • Sequencer step shifting (both right and left), a.k.a. Rotate.
    • Drag-able sequencer start and end points.
    • Sequencers now available in 16, 24 and 32 step sizes.
    • Context-sensitive menus for all modules with handy operations such as "Copy Settings to all Presets".
    • Separate, resizable windows for the Mixer and Tracks Sequencer.
    • New User Interface design.
    • Invert option for control sequencers.
    • Data rate option for CC and Pitch Bend Output.
    • Improved MIDI Clock transmission and reception.
    • Resizable Gate Sequencer.

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