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  • New Tap Tempo Pedal Outputs MIDI Clock

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    Ploytec, a Germany-based company run by the people of usb-audio.com, is about to release a new product called "34one".

    Synthesizers like the Korg Triton or Yamaha MOTIF / MOTIF ES offer fantastic arpeggio and live sequencing possibilities that are hard to use live band. That's where 34one comes in, giving you an easy to use tap tempo.

    It's a 9V block battery driven tap tempo pedal that generates a MIDI Clock signal. The pedal works by stamping out the 'Three Four" of a bar, thus setting a fresh MIDI clock value. The tempo range is 30 to 300 BPM. It can be used for songs, patterns and also arpeggios with software and hardware synthesizers and sequencers.

    34one comes with an additional "tap on" function that calculates the tempo with the average value of the last four tap measurements. Plus while you tap on it slightly shifts the rhythm in the direction of the next quarter note to make it easy to stay on time.

    According to the manufacturer 34one has a running time of over 50 hours from a single 9 Volt battery, while no power is drained when switched off. It will be available this month for EUR 80,- (about US$ 100,-)

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