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  • New Firmware Released for Behringer's FCB1010 MIDI Controller

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    The FCB1010 ($179.99 MSRP) MIDI foot controller and sound switching system is designed not only to satisfy the needs of ambitious guitarists, but of keyboard players as well. The FCB1010 complements the BEHRINGER V-AMP 2 virtual guitar amplifier and a vast range of BEHRINGER guitar amplifiers or any other MIDI equipment. The new FCB1010 firmware Version 2.3 features extended third-party compatibility and improved bank select messages. It allows remote control of all V-AMP 2 functions and can be downloaded free of charge from the BEHRINGER website.

    The FCB1010 features 10 banks of presets, each with 10 fully user-editable presets customized for the BEHRINGER V-AMP and Guitar Workstations. Two expression pedals with freely assignable MIDI channel, controller and range allow continuous parameter and value changes while playing--all in real time. Up to five MIDI program change commands and two MIDI controllers per preset can be transmitted simultaneously. The MIDI merge function allows for soft through and merging of controller and input data. In addition, MIDI SysEx facilitates easy data backup.

    The Global Setup function allows the user to set parameters that apply to both the presets and functions of the FCB1010. Its two fully programmable relay controlled switch jacks enable channel selection on analog guitar amps.

    The firmware update with detailed installation instructions can be downloaded free of charge at www.behringer.com and www.v-amp.com.

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