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  • Molten Voltage Presents the World's Simplest Professional MIDI Footswitch ~ "None More Black™"

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    If you've ever wanted an ultra-compact, bomb-proof MIDI footswitch, that just does that "One Thing", None More Black™ is the perfect controller for you.

    Molten Voltage claims None More Black is "The World's Simplest MIDI Footswitch" and its hard to argue otherwise. None More Black has one button and a MIDI out jack, that's it.

    You don't even need a power cord because None More Black uses two AAA alkaline batteries and draws just 4 microamps of current when you aren't pressing the button. This means batteries will last for years ~ even without a switch!

    None More Black can perform all sorts of MIDI tricks and backflips. From stepping through the programs you actually use in the order you want, to starting and stopping sequences, to making custom settings for the Digitech Whammy 4 (WH-4) like an arpeggiator , None More Black nails that "One Thing".

    Molten Voltage also breaks the $50 price barrier. None More Black retails at just $49.95 and is available exclusively at MoltenVoltage.com.

    When you order, you send Molten Voltage an email telling them what you want None More Black to do and they program a custom chip. If you ever need a different program, you can order a new chip for just $15.

    None More Black provides an extremely compact, rugged, and utterly simple way to control any MIDI device.

    Like all Molten Voltage products, None More Black is hand-built using only the highest quality components and craftsmanship. None More Black features a genuine Hammond aluminum powder-coated enclosure, an externally mounted steel MIDI jack, and a heavy-duty pushbutton switch.

    Molten Voltage has a video demonstrating None More Black on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRf1XrG_vx0


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