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  • Molten MIDI 5, New Whammy 5 Controller by Molten Voltage

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    Cascade Range, Oregon -- September 20, 2012



    Molten MIDI 5 requires a 9 volt, 2.1 mm, tip negative, DC power supply. Standard 5-pin MIDI cable and power supply  are available separately.





    At $124.95 MSRP, Molten MIDI 5 is the same price as Molten MIDI 2.


    Molten MIDI 5 is available at kaom.com and other effect retailers.


    More information and an entertaining VIDEO are available on the Molten MIDI 5 product page:







    Molten  MIDI 5™ is an updated version of Molten Voltage’s popular Molten MIDI pedal, re-designed to control the new Digitech Whammy 5™.

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