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  • Midiman Ships Dman PCI Audio Card

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    Dman-PCI.jpg Midiman recently released its new digital audio card; the Dman PCI. The Dman PCI card features stereo ins and outs with a signal-to-noise ratio of 90dB, an on board fully GM compliant synth with effects, a built in MIDI interface and a whole lot more!


    • PCI 2.1 compliant card. Requires one IRQ and no DMA channels.
    • High quality audio specs: 90 dB dynamic range.
    • Full-duplex for simultaneous stereo record and playback.
    • Stereo line-level inputs and outputs on gold-plated RCA jacks.
    • MIDI In/Out on 5-pin DIN connectors.
    • Built-in 64-Voice General MIDI Wavetable Synthesis with GS Reverb/Chorus Effects, independent of hardware MIDI I/O.
    • Built-in header for addition of standard wavetable daughter board (optional).
    • Integrated Analog Mixer.
    • High-quality differential CD audio input.
    • Full Windows 95/98 Plug-and-Play compatibility.


    • 18-bit delta-sigma A/D and D/A converters, 16-bit data path.
    • All standard sample rates supported, up to 48 kHz.
    • Total Dynamic Range: 90 dB, THD+N: -85 dB typical.
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0.5 dB.
    • Line Level Impedance: 13.6 k Ohms.
    • Maximum Audio I/O levels: +6 dBV (-10dBV nominal).
    • 16 channel MIDI interface drives both external MIDI port and optional wavetable header.
    • DirectX Compatible
    • 255 MIPs DSP Architecture, 96-Channel Streaming Interface with Hardware Scatter/ Gather Support
    MIDIMAN (www.midiman.net) makes note of the DMAN PCI's affordable price tag of only $179.95 msrp. For more information contact: MIDIMAN, 45 East St. Joseph Street, Arcadia, CA 91006. Tel: (626) 445-2842, Fax: (626) 445-7564, Internet Email: info@midiman.net.

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