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  • Midiman Ships BiPort 2x4s MIDI Interface

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    Midiman recently released its new BiPort 2x4s MIDI interface which works with both PC and Macintosh computers. In addition to its 32 MIDI input channels (2 independent MIDI In ports) and 64 MIDI output channels (4 independent MIDI Out ports), the BiPort can also act as a stand-alone SMPTE and MIDI Time Code reader/writer/regenerator.

    When the SMPTE function is active, full control is provided via either the included software running on a remote computer or the front panel buttons and LED indicators. The BiPort supports all common MTC formats and SMPTE User Bits.

    For Mac users, the BiPort has a Thru Switch that allows you to connect a modem or printer and use it when the BiPort is in bypass mode, without changing any cables. The BiPort is also Geo-Port compatible.

    The BiPort also ships with MME compatible drivers for Windows and standard OMS compatibility for Macintosh.

    The BiPort 2x4s has a suggested retail price of $179.95.

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