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  • Marshall Morrison Instruments Ships Morrison Digital Trumpet MIDI Wind Instrument

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    Australian company Marshall Morrison Instruments have released a revolutionary new digital trumpet for brass musicians. The Morrison Digital Trumpet, or MDT, is a new brass-style MIDI wind controller invented and designed by Steve Marshall with Australian multi-instrumentalist James Morrison.

    The MDT has been specifically designed for trumpet players to make it as easy as possible to transition from the acoustic trumpet. James Morrison, arguably one of the world's leading trumpet players and multi-instrumentalists, has been working with robotics guru and electronics wiz Steve Marshall for more than 5 years to create an instrument that feels right when first picked up by a trumpet player. Although it has an ultra-modern look, it has a familiar feel due to trumpet-like hand position, standard valve movement, and normal trumpet mouthpiece.

    The MDT is great for players of all skills. The MDT allows brass players with minimal playing skill to reach those extremely high notes and play for extended periods of time just like a professional musician. As well, professionals who have mastered the acoustic trumpet love playing the MDT for its unlimited sound palette and unique expressive capabilities.

    Although the MDT is completely electronic, Marshall Morrison Instruments has designed the MDT to feel as close as possible to an acoustic trumpet. The familiar feel helps acoustic trumpet players to learn it quickly and start playing with the least amount of change from their trumpet skills.

    In today's highly competitive music scene, the MDT gives the brass player an edge over other musicians. By allowing the brass player access to additional timbres from a connected MIDI sound source, the player becomes far more valuable to prospective employers.


    What Is The MDT?


    •The Morrison Digital Trumpet (MDT) is a MIDI wind controller designed to give acoustic trumpet players an easy "pick up and play" instrument to enter the digital age.

    •The MDT makes no sound on its own. It "triggers" and controls any MIDI capable sound device such as a MIDI synthesizer, MIDI sound module, or computer running soft synths etc. When connected to a required MIDI sound source, the MDT gives the player access to an infinite range of sound possibilities.


    How Is It Played?


    •You simply blow. You do not buzz the lips as with an acoustic trumpet. This dramatically increases player endurance and results in perfect pitch over a very wide note range.

    •The player controls the loudness with their breath. The harder one blows the louder the sound. The highly advanced breath sensor is super-responsive allowing for high speed tounging and smooth notes.

    •No tight lips are required to play. You can play over the entire ten octave range very easily with no special embouchure.

    •The notes are selected with a combination of right hand trumpet fingerings and a series of buttons on the left hand which select the octave and half octave. The right hand fingering is identical for every octave.

    •The right thumb has access to three controllers. These are usually set to pitchbend up, pitchbend down, and vibrato. These are programmable and can be changed based on a player's needs. These three thumb sensors allow super-expressive control over the connected MIDI synthesizer.


    Overview Of Features


    •Up to 10 octaves of pitch perfect range.

    •Even a beginner can sound like a professional.

    •For the more advanced player the MDT has awesome stage appeal. Audiences are amazed at the incredible sound capabilities, expressiveness, and wide range.

    •At the press of a button you can switch between any of the sounds available on your synth such as like trombone, clarinet, flute, guitar, bass, mouth organ, piano, bagpipes, drums, etc. The sound possibilities are endless and limited only by the capabilities of the connected sound source.

    •Transposition is a button push away.

    •Using headphones with a connected sound synthesizer means you can practice without disturbing the neighbors.

    •The MIDI data generated by MDT can be recorded and manipulated with various MIDI software such as sequencers, soft synths, and notation programs. You can play into your MIDI notation software and see your notes immediately appear on a staff right before your eyes.

    •The MDT can be completely programmed using the built-in backlit LCD.




    The MDT is now shipping and available for purchase. Complete details are available at the following links:

    In the USA:


    Outside the USA:


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