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  • MakeProAudio Dino Park - Top-End Modeling Synthesizer MakeKits Now Available

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    MakeProAudio Dino Park - Top-End Modeling Synthesizer MakeKits now available

    Cologne DE, September 3, 2019, MakeProAudio, the “you make audio gear company” is proud to announce the highly anticipated first ever DIY MakeKit synthesizer DinoPark is now available.

    The first multi-model DIY synth MakeKit and best sounding maker project board ever produced, offers the finest quality and most affordable Classic Synth emulation available anywhere - the only classic synth emulation offering as latency-free hardware. 

    Dino Park is a multi-specialist that performs as responsive zero-latency hardware, that can emulate a very large sonic spectrum of synthesis and delivers superior sound quality.

    The Secret behind the Dino Park Sound

    20 years ago CreamWare set the standard for analog modelling and emulation with its pristine sound quality and meticulous sound replication of the most revered analog classic synths. Exceptional then, and still unsurpassed today, these CreamWare classics with all their sonic, creative possibility offered in Dino Park - with current SHARC DSPs, increased polyphony, modular software technology and extended control options. It is precisely this interplay of components that makes Dino Park an exceptional, simple and reliable solution for anyone who wants to bring back the sound of the classics outside of a computer.



    Three Synth Classics pre-loaded on every DinoPark

    You can own the super-phat Minimax, punchy Prodyssey and uber-expressive Pro12. Now all in an ergonomic responsive no latency hardware form factor. Future proof with the capacity to store up to 32 plugins in on-board memory and extendable with future availability of additive, wavetable, FM and drum/percussion model synths via the MakeProAudio online store.

    Dino Park can be operated and played directly as a MIDI device - without a computer. For even more control and settings options, MakeProAudio offers a free VSTi Editor plug-in (PC/Mac), which allows for the convenient editing of every Dino Park parameter. The Editor makes it possible to program and tweak your own custom sound presets and save them directly in Dino Park.


    Dino Park has a wide range of connection options that ensure easy integration into existing setups. A USB MIDI Device Port (MicroUSB) is used to connect the Dino Park to a computer.  There is an integrated USB host port for connecting USB MIDI devices such as keyboard controllers. Output analog audio signals via 6.3 mm jacks, the EX version also includes digital SPDIF inputs/outputs and MIDI sockets (In, Thru, Out) as 3.5 mm mini jack (MMA specification).



    Easy to build

    Dino Park is part of the growing MakeProAudio modular system and can be easily expanded due to its modular DIY design.  Dino Park MakeKits contain all the electronic components, connectors and housing enclosure parts that are needed to build. If you can screw a module into a Eurorack, you can also build Dino Park yourself with ease.

    Key Features Dino Park

    • DIY Multi Modeling Synthesizer in different versions
    • Extends any keyboard setup with the true-to-original sound and glamour of the classics
    • Easy to assemble, one screwdriver is all it takes
    • Three Classic Synth models pre-installed and ready to play
    • Up to 32 Synth models can be stored in on-board memory
    • 50 factory presets and 50 user memories per model
    • Simple user interface
    • VSTi Editor Software (free download)
    • Compact, robust housing
    • Available in different versions
    • Can be integrated into Arduino or Raspberry Pi projects
    • Extended hardware control with "Dino Dials" (available soon)
    • Expandable without limits
    • Can be integrated via glue into networks in which the network itself becomes an instrument
    • More exciting Synth models available soon

    Pricing and availability

    • Dino Park Board (DSP Board with many connection possibilities) - 279 EUR
    • Dino Park Maker board bundle (DSP board with many connection options, connectors, Dino display) - 299 EUR
    • Dino Park MakeKit (DSP board with many connection possibilities, connections, housing, power supply) - 399 EUR
    • Dino Park MakeKit EX (DSP board with many connection possibilities, connectors, housing; expansion board with MIDI, SPDIF, analog inputs, power supply) - 469 EUR
    • Dino Park MakeKit EXL (DSP-Board with many connection possibilities, connections, larger housing - space for two DSP boards with many connection possibilities, expansion board with MIDI, SPDIF, analog inputs), power supply - 519 EUR

    More information can be found at www.makeproaudio.com

    About MakeProAudio

    MakeProAudio GmbH is the ‘you make audio gear’ company. We are a committed group of technologists, musicians and makers founded by Frank Hund, serial entrepreneur and inventor of the pioneering tripleDAT native audio recording system, Pulsar and SCOPE DSP platforms; and developed over a decade: TAN - the network distributed software framework that is the backbone of the MPA platform and other award winning state-of-the-art audio systems.

    The company works strictly on the basis of social-ecological values and is based near Cologne, Germany, with an R&D center in Bangalore, India, and distributed-team members throughout the world.



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