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  • MakeProAudio Announce Multi-Model Synthesizer And Percussion/Bass Synthesizer For Eurorack

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    MakeProAudio announce Multi-Model Synthesizer and Percussion/Bass Synthesizer for Eurorack


    Dino Park EURO & Dino Park EURO Drums and Bass - uber flexible and affordable analog modeling synthesis for studio and stage





    Cologne DE, May 9, 2019 -  MakeProAudio, the “you make audio gear company” announces the Dino Park EURO multi-model synthesizer and Dino Park EURO Drums and Bass, analog modeling percussion and bass synthesizer for EuroRack. Featured along with the exciting MPA Platform at Super Booth 2019 Berlin.


    The Dino Park EURO Family offers musicians just starting their Eurorack journey big sound with no effort along with the accessibility of a complete voice desktop polysynth. For Eurorack veterans it offers a sonic pallet expanding polysynth that can produce a variety of timbres in one ergonomic module. All with the added tweak-ability and the reliability of digital recall. Perfect for live performance and capturing musical inspiration on the fly. True “best of” utility in big analog sound with the recall-reliability of digital.


    When the Dino Park Euro Family ships in July 2019, EuroRack and synth loving musicians along with Makers, DIYers and audio anarchists can choose a Dino Park EURO kit that meets their needs:




    Dino Park EURO is a polyphonic, multi-model synthesizer for Eurorack with 2 CV-Voice-Control-Ins (V/Oct and Gate), 4 assignable CV-Ins with Offset and Attenuation Control plus USB-MIDI (Host and Device).


    It’s an ergonomic, affordable and responsive hardware synth that ships with three CreamWare replica models of legendary synth classics: the super-phat 10-voice Minimax, punchy 10-voice Prodyssey and uber-expressive 12-voice Pro12.  It’s also future proof with the capacity to store up to 32 Synt-Models in on-board memory and extendable with future availability of additive, wavetable, FM and drum/percussion model synths via the MPA online store.


    Not just a complete EuroRack module, but three revered analog classics in an affordable,  high-end modeling synthesizer. The legendary CreamWare modelling emulations, unparalleled in quality available in a new exciting Eurorack form.




    Dino Park EURO Drums and Bass analog modeling percussion and bass synthesizer offers the most advanced percussion synth modeling available for Eurorack. It features 11 drum/percussion instruments and one bass voice, ten dedicated drum gate inputs, CV voice control for the bass voice and four additional assignable CV inputs.  



    Advanced intuitive control over instruments adds to the sonic sculpting possibilities. The range of control is tailored to the instrument model and provides easy control to bring out the subtleties of drum voice timbres.   All possible with SHARC powered detail.



    For example everybody's favorite cowbell offers four control parameters that include Tune, Decay, FM and Tonal to bring out the detail for more Cowbell!  While more complex instruments such as Kick include 19 waveforms to choose from and 9 parameters with variations for tuning, amplifier envelopes, transients and body for that ommmfff.



    Dino Park EURO Drums and Bass also comes with three legendary CreamWare synth models pre-loaded: the super-phat 10-voice Minimax, punchy 10-voice Prodyssey and uber-expressive 12-voice Pro12.  Future proof with the capacity to store up to 32 Synth-Models in on-board memory and extendable with future availability of additive, wavetable, FM and drum/percussion model synths via the MPA online store.



    Dino Park EURO Breakout Kit - If you are looking for MIDI control only, this version is perfect for you. The kit includes, a Dino Park board and everything that comes standard with DIno Park, dedicated Arduino port, breakout connection plate for  MIDI-only operation and cabling.



    CreamWare set the standard for analogy modelling and emulation in the late 90s with its pristine sound quality and meticulous sound replication of the most revered analog classic synths. MakeProAudio is exciting to offer this legendary sound capability in an affordable studio and performance ready EuroRack form.




    The Dino Park Euro Family ships in July 2019.  Early bird special pricing is being offered through May 31, 2019 exclusively at the MakeProAudio online store.  Pricing starts with the Dino Park Breakout Kit at 295 EUR, Dino Park EURO polyphonic multi-modeling synthesizer 495 EUR and the Dino Park EURO Drum and Bass, analog modeling percussion synthesizer at 675 EUR; all pricing includes VAT.

    Prices for Tiles will be announced later.



    The Dino Park EURO family can be part of a larger audio ecosystem: the MPA platform.  The MPA platform presents a new paradigm for making, connecting and controlling audio gear that puts you in the center of the design and how audio gear functions. New exciting workflows and control with the network at your fingertips presenting never seen before collaborative and performance possibilities. Learn how GLUE control software ties all your gear together, presenting new creative possibilities as the network becomes your instrument here.



    More information can be found at www.makeproaudio.com/dinopark-for-eurorack/






    About MakeProAudio

    MakeProAudio GmbH is the ‘you make audio gear’ company. We are a committed group of technologists, musicians and makers founded by Frank Hund, serial entrepreneur and inventor of the pioneering tripleDAT native audio recording system, Pulsar and SCOPE DSP platforms; and developed over a decade: TAN – the network distributed software framework that is the backbone of the MPA platform and other award winning state-of-the-art audio systems. The company works strictly on the basis of social-ecological values and is based near Cologne, Germany, with an R&D center in Bangalore, India, and distributed-team members throughout the world.



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