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  • Logidy Presents UMI3 – USB MIDI Foot controller

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    The UMI3 features 3 configurable footswitches and an input for an expression pedal, encased in a rugged little steel stomp box. It connects to a Mac or a PC through USB and shows up as a class compliant MIDI device. No driver is required. It is powered through USB which allows for a clean and simple setup. It behaves like a three note keyboard right out of the box, but can be configured to send many other types of messages to take full advantage of the MIDI mapping features included in most of today's DAWs. The configuration happens in a friendly setup panel for Mac or PC available for download at Logidy's website. The panel can also work as a step sequencer where the function of a given footswitch can be changed each time it is pushed, or when another switch is pushed. Elaborate setups can be designed to trigger as many as 24 different MIDI events! Logidy is a small new venture based in the USA. Its staff has many years of experience designing digital products for major music industry companies. The UMI3 is the company's first independent offering. The UMI3 is in stock and available for purchase immediately through Logidy's website at the price of $49.95 plus shipping.

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