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  • Livid Instruments Releases Ohm64 Class-Compliant MIDI Controller

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    Livid Instrument's Ohm64 is a meticulously crafted MIDI control surface, with a comprehensive set of faders, knobs, and buttons, and programmable LEDs. Impressively programmable, all controls can be custom-edited to send a variety of MIDI commands. The lighting behind the LEDs can be controlled with user-defined MIDI commands. USB-powered and class-compliant, the Ohm64 is genuinely plug-and-play on Mac and Windows (and has even tested well on Linux). Stylishly cased in a hand-finished wood body with an aluminum face, the Ohm64 is a handsome alternative to the plastics that dominate the MIDI controller market. Built in Austin, Texas, Livid makes controllers for artists, by artists. Designed with an "open-minded" approach, Livid keeps a running blog of new open-source software, programming examples, unique suggestions, and even offers the body in an unfinished version to encourage the ultimate in user customization. About The Software:

    As a MIDI controller, the Ohm64 can be used with practically any music software, but Livid's own titles exploit the unique features to help inspire users to take full advantage of the controls. CellDNA is an easy-to-use video performance software, designed for remixing visuals. Normally $149, CellDNA comes free with the Ohm64, and is fully integrated with the controller. If attached, CellDNA will find the controller, discover its current setup, and instantly map all clips and effects in the software to the knobs and buttons of the Ohm64. It will also light the LEDs to show the states of features such as play/pause, sequencing, and looping. OhmSound is an FM synthesizer with a large number of adjustable controls. The Ohm64 can be used to change what modules are controlled with the knobs and sliders, or it will adjust to any mouse selections. A comprehensive scales-and-chords feature makes an entire library of western music theory available to map to the Ohm's 64-button grid. OhmSound is open-source, and built in Cycling74's Max/MSP. In short, it turns the Ohm64 into a standalone, massively-tweakable synth in the spirit of such instruments as the Moog, ARP, Sequential Circuits, and others. Ohm64Editor is the application used to program the Ohm64's MIDI controls, store presets of settings, and experiment with LED lighting patterns. Also open source, the program can be altered by Max/MSP, or just be explored to find out how things work. All programming commands are fully documented in examples and in the manual to assist users to make their own instruments. As the Ohm64 is a "living instrument," Livid is committed to updating users with new creations, examples, and plug-ins designed to help them get the most out of their controllers. Available now for $599.00, at a dealer near your or at http://www.lividshop.com

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