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  • KV331 Audio Updates Their Wavetable Synthesizer SynthMaster One To Version 1.1

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    KV331 Audio updates their wavetable synthesizer SynthMaster One to version 1.1: Adds new factory presets, in-app-store and critical fixes.


    Ankara, December 6, 2017

    KV331 Audio has announced a new major update for their wavetable synthesizer SynthMaster One




    This update brings the following new features to SynthMaster One:

    • In-App-Store: SynthMaster One v1.1 dramatically simplifies the workflow for purchasing, downloading and installing KV331 Audio products by introducing an ‘In-App-Store’ built right inside the plugin:


    • Bigger Arpeggiator UI: The arpeggiator is moved to the bottom part of the plugin window, giving it a larger space (Prototype skin only, Satyatunes skin will be updated shortly):



    There are also critical bug fixes for SynthMaster One in this update:

    1. When length of directory names of imported waveforms/wavetables exceed a certain limit, SynthMaster One might crash

    2. When user changes wavetable while SynthMaster One is playing in legato mode, a crash might occur

    3. Preset author name is incorrectly initialized as 'Demo User'

    4. Using mod wheel with modulation target/source/type dropdowns might crash SynthMaster One

    5. SynthMaster One doesn't parse waveform/wavetable category correctly when they are under nested folders

    6. Mod wheel works in reverse direction on MacOSX

    7. Slope parameter changes in the reverse direction for the drive view control

    8. Lines are not drawed antialiased on Windows

    9. SynthMaster One saves empty favorite presets file

    10. When the demo period of SynthMaster One demo expires, SynthMaster One might crash

    11. SynthMaster One doesn't send plugin version number when sending crash reports

    12. Some preset author names appear twice

    13. When parsing note numbers from file names, the name is modified which might cause errors for multisampled waveforms

    14. When user saves presets under sub folders of Presets folder, SynthMaster One might crash

    15. When number of held notes is greater than 64, SynthMaster One crashes

    16. Browser lists in default skin are not multi-select

    17. GUIEditor generates separate images for each skin resolution, which results in increased setup file size

    18. Expansions downloads fail when CDN https/http redirection is used.

    19. When listbox background style is not set, SynthMaster One crashes

    20. In chord mode, arpeggiator might not work correctly resulting in hanging notes or crashes

    21. In chord mode, arpeggiator doesn't play the first note

    22. Browser lists on the Satyatunes skin are not sorted

    23. Multi-line text is not drawn correctly

    24. Frequency display controls don't handle transparent backgrounds

    25. Curve view control doesn't handle transparent colors

    26. Drive view control doesn't handle transparent colors

    27. Compression view control doesn't handle transparent colors

    28. LoFi view control doesn't handle transparent colors

    29. Presets don't load correctly on ProTools

    30. Semitone/octave dropdowns might display incorrect values

    31. SynthMaster One doesn't save user banks correctly when they contain wavetables 32. SynthMaster One inadvertently reads SynthMaster preset banks



    Registered SynthMaster One users can download this update at:

    Demo users of SynthMaster One can download this update at:



    About KV331 Audio

    KV331 Audio has been established in 2012 by a dedicated team of engineers, musicians and sound designers with the sole purpose of providing high quality virtual instruments for the global musician. Their flagship software synthesizer SynthMaster has received numerous awards from prestigious music technology magazines. It has been voted “The Best Software Synthesizer” of 2016 by MusicRadar readers and received “Gold Award” from MusicTech Magazine for “Best Software Instrument” category. KV331 Audio’s wavetable synthesizer SynthMaster One, on the other hand, has recently been voted “The Best New Virtual Instrument of 2017” by MusicRadar readers. Today, SynthMaster and SynthMaster One has more than 27k licensed users in more than 120 countries across the globe.

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