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  • Disaster Area Designs Introduces the DMC-6D MIDI Foot Controller

    By HC News |

    Disaster Area Designs is pleased to announce the DMC-6D MIDI Foot Controller.  The DMC-6D builds on the popular DMC-6 controller and adds advanced USB-MIDI functionality and a bright blue LED display.  The DMC-6D is designed to control DAW software such as Ableton Live, Reason, Logic, Mainstage, and more.  The DMC-6D sends MIDI notes that may be mapped in DAW applications for triggering clips or scenes, switching effects, or operating transport controls.  Two expression pedals can send any of 128 MIDI continuous controllers (CC,) and an Expander Switch input allows several choices of extra functionality.  It works with Mac, Windows, iPad, and Linux with class-compliant (driverless) installation.


    The DMC-6D also includes a 5-pin DIN MIDI port for connecting to legacy / standalone MIDI devices such as effect processors, keyboards, and more.  The DMC-6D can transfer MIDI from the PC or Mac to other MIDI devices, including MIDI clock, program changes, continuous controllers, and SysEx.


    The DMC-6D is also available with firmware to control MIDI devices without a computer, and is easy to update the firmware with a USB cable and PC or Mac.


    Features include:

    Compact and lightweight aluminum enclosure (7.4" x 4.7" x 1.3" excluding switch caps, 1lb.)

    USB MIDI interface

    5-pin DIN MIDI output

    USB MIDI bridges to 5-pin DIN output for sending commands from computer to external devices

    6 soft-touch heavy-duty metal footswitches selected for reliability and quiet operation

    4-digit bright blue LED display

    2 Expression Pedal inputs send MIDI CC

    Expander Switch input connects two additional footswitches

    USB bus-powered, compatible with iPad (requires Camera Connection Kit)

    9V DC power connector

    20 preset banks with 6 messages each (optionally 15 banks of 8 presets with Expander Switch)

    All-Access Bank with 6 messages accessible from any other bank

    Operates on any of 16 MIDI channels

    USB port for firmware updates

    Custom firmware for standalone applications available - controls Strymon Mobius, Timeline, Eventide Factor, Space, H9, Line 6 M-Series, more!

    Hand-made in the USA


    The DMC-6D is available from Disaster Area Designs now for $239.99.

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