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  • CME Offers Free Carry Bag for WIDI-X8 Wireless MIDI Interface

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    CME announces a limited time promotion campaign which goes for the customers who purchase the WIDI-X8 wireless MIDI interface to receive a free custom-fitted carry bag.

    CME's WIDI-X8 is the world's first duplex Wireless MIDI System with a transmission range up to 80 meters in environments without obstruction. The WIDI X8 has a built-in USB MIDI interface and features low power consumption, high speed data transfer, and the ability to run error correction. The WIDI X8 can be powered by 2 'AA' size batteries or USB bus power. Capable of operating in three modes, the WIDI X8 can run USB RF, MIDI RF, or USB MIDI.

    CME WIDI X8 Features:

    • Transmission range up to 80M in environments without obstructions
    • High speed, Auto error correction ability
    • Built-in USB MIDI interface
    • Operates on 2.4GHz ISM license-free band
    • Duplex MIDI transportation (MIDI In/Out)
    • There are 64 working channels that can be selected manually or automatically
    • Three modes (USB RF / MIDI RF / USB MIDI) can be selected
    • Flexible connection of MIDI and USB ports.
    • Plug-and Play USB MIDI on Windows XP and MAC OSX
    • Powered by 2 "AA" size batteries (battery life up to 20 hours) or USB bus-powered


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