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  • Amid Widespread Industry Cancellations, Moog Music Offers Minimoog iOS App For Free Download

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    Moog music, the world’s leading synthesizer company and 70-year authority on electronic sound, are opening their Minimoog sound app for iOS to free downloads amid cancellations of concerts and community gatherings across the globe. In a message posted this afternoon, Moog states:

    A gift to spread positivity, creativity, and expressivity. A moment to slow down, appreciate our innate strength, and experience the uplifting power of sound. A chance to share the way we hear the world around us…  

    ...and if it moves you, express yourself - The Minimoog Model D iOS app is free for download right now: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/minimoog-model-d-synthesizer/id1339418001 


    As we find ourselves in unfamiliar settings: stay open, stay safe, and #synthesizelove.<3Your friends at Moog


    Moog Music is the company founded by synthesizer inventor Dr. Bob Moog, who believed that “To be human, to be fully human, is to need music and to derive nourishment from the music you hear.”

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    About Moog Music
    Moog Music is the leading producer of analog synthesizers in the world. The company and its customers carry on the legacy of its founder, electronic musical instrument pioneer, Dr. Bob Moog. All of Moog’s instruments are hand built in its factory on the edge of downtown Asheville, NC.




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