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  • Advanced Pro Gear Releases the MIDI Bridge 120 "No Jitter" MIDI Recording Interface

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    Indianapolis, IN - November 4th, 2011


    Advanced Pro Gear announces the introduction of the company's debut  product: The MIDI Bridge 120 High-Precision "No Jitter" MIDI Recording  Interface!


    The MIDI Bridge system allows you to record MIDI instruments and  controllers with pin-point accuracy. That means NO jitter! MIDI is  recorded precisely as it is performed! Using our MVS (MIDI via S/PDIF)  technology, the MIDI Bridge 120 takes input from your MIDI instruments and controllers and sends the MIDI to a VST Plugin in  your workstation's recording application through S/PDIF audio. The MIDI  is then given to your recording application from the Plugin. This method  bypasses all of the system issues that cause timing glitches with other MIDI recording interfaces.


    * Any and all delays and timing problems caused by the operating system and the USB/Firewire/PCI busses are gone.

    * The 'feel' of the original performance can now be accurately captured.

    * Simultaneously recorded MIDI and analog audio will now be perfectly in sync.

    * MIDI notes are accurate with one another to within one sample at your DAW's sample rate.

    * The MIDI Bridge 120 has 2 MIDI Inputs and 2 MIDI Thrus.


    The MIDI Bridge 120 is available now for the introductory price of $199 at the Advanced Pro Gear web store.




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