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  • Who Knew Music Needed Supervision?

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    The Newly Revised, Definitive Textbook on Music Supervision 


    The newly revised, definitive book on music supervision, which guides you through real-world scenarios and legal landmines, explores sound design, and profiles key players.




    Music Supervision has been established as the leading textbook in the field since the book’s first edition debuted in 2005. Authors Ramsay Adams, David Hnatiuk, and David Weiss co-wrote Music Supervision as a resource for those who have an interest in how music is selected for media and film but aren’t aware of how it gets done, from start to finish. 


    This updated version is a comprehensive guide to pairing sound with visuals, and has equipped a vast audience of aspiring artists, bands, producers, composers, music publishers and record labels with the knowledge of how to best approach music supervisors and get their music synched to picture. 


    Key players in the industry profiled in this edition include Emmy-nominated Thomas Golubić (“Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul”), Peymon Maskan (Apple, Media Arts Lab), Julie Houlihan (“Malcolm In the Middle”), Andy Ross (Whiplash), Vanessa Jorge Perry (film trailers for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter), among others.




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    We're giving five lucky winners a paperback copy of the newest edition of Music Supervision. Enter our GoodReads Giveaway here (or help spread the word). Contest ends August 31st. 

    For more information about Music Supervision, speaking opportunities, author interviews or for press inquiries or review copies, please contact Melissa Golebiowski, Lost Literati PR at melissa@lostliteratiPR.com.


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