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  • Venzo Launch New Services As It Hits $2 Million Milestone

    By HC News |

    PRESS RELEASE – (SAN DIEGO, CA) – April 28th 2014 – Venzo, the world’s 
    fastest growing iTunes platform has made three key announcements today 
    including free iTunes video distribution, all-new Intranet Voice, and its $2 million 
    paid milestone towards indie artists.
    Music artists are now beginning to make more money with their video content on 
    YouTube. However, artists are facing an even bigger challenge by getting their 
    video on iTunes. With Venzo’s new video service, artists are able to port their 
    music videos on iTunes for free and make more money.
    Venzo has also hit a new milestone. Since its launch in January 2012, Venzo 
    has paid artists over $2 million in revenue as artists take advantage of its free 
    offerings. Venzo allows users to sell unlimited music, ringtones, and apps on 
    iTunes for free. Today, Venzo now license over 500,000 songs. 
    Lastly, Venzo announced its new feature called Intranet Voice. Voice is a voice 
    system that allows users to navigate its Intranet distribution platform to manage 
    their music by using their voice. The feature is only available on Google Chrome 
    and it requires access to the user’s microphone on their computer. Once a user 
    grants access, they can simply say commands to perform tasks without clicking a 
    “I am very excited about these new developments. Venzo is all about creating 
    and utilizing innovating technologies to create a unique distribution experience 
    for musicians. Intranet leads the way as the world’s first intelligent distribution 
    platform that automates the entire workflow of distribution and now offers 
    musicians the comfort of managing their music by voice.” Says Kevin Rivers, 
    Founder/CEO of Rivers Companies, parent company to Venzo.
    About Venzo 
    Venzo is a web platform that helps people sell online to iTunes for free! With 
    Venzo, users are able to sell unlimited music, music videos, ringtones, and 
    iPhone apps while earning 80% royalties from their digital content.
    Contact: press@xeinge.com
    YouTube (Intranet Voice): 

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