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  • Turn a Snare Into a Practice Pad with Roland's PCK-1

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    Snare, PCK-1, and the RM-2
    (Click for a close-up)

    Roland is proud to announce the PCK-1 Practice Conversion Kit. This special package--which includes a 14-inch mesh head, an RT-5S Snare Trigger with separate head/rim capabilities and a rim silencer--makes it possible to turn any acoustic snare into a silent practice pad. The PCK-1 is also compatible with Roland's RM-2 Rhythm Coach for even more effective practice.

    Installing the PCK-1 is easy. Just swap out the acoustic snare head for Roland's patented 14-inch mesh head and install the acoustic trigger. The mesh head uses V-Drums" technology to deliver realistic response and feel without unwanted noise. The RT-5S Snare Trigger's separate head and rim triggering capabilities enable a drummer to play both snare and side stick sounds, while a rubber rim silencer suppresses rim shot noise.

    An expandable system, the PCK-1 can be used to trigger MIDI modules when used with the optional TMC-6 Trigger MIDI Converter or a TD-Series brain. Or, by mounting the optional RM-2 Rhythm Coach, drummers can add an integrated metronome and sound module with onboard rhythm training exercises to help develop timing, speed and endurance.

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