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  • THE WHO – FAQ (Backbeat Books)

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    Author: Mike Segretto

    Foreword by Dave Davies
    ISBN: 9781480361034
    400 pages

    Fifty years after Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon made their first ruckus together onstage, the world is still fascinated with its greatest rock ’n’ roll band. Whether their music is popping up in TV commercials  or The Olympics, or multitudinous charity events, The Who have never faded away. Yet while such artists as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin have been pored over, flipped on their backs, and examined from every imaginable angle, The Who remain somewhat mysterious. Questions persist. Who were their most important influences, and which other bands were their most loyal followers? Did they really create the very first rock opera? What were their most important collaborations, gigs, solo projects, and phases? Where do they stand on politics, religion, and philanthropy? The answers to these questions don't amount to mere trivia but create a clearer portrait of the enigma that is The Who.

    Whether they were mods or punk pioneers, rock Wagners, or a gang of guitar-smashing thugs, The Who are a band beyond categorization or comparison, a band that constantly poses new questions – and The Who FAQ digs deep to find the answers.



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