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  • The Return Of Craig's List

    By HC News |


    Harmony Central Announces the Return of “Craig’s List”





    “Craig’s List,” Craig Anderton’s irreverent, satirical column that was one of the most popular features ever in Electronic Musician magazine, is back – starting with issue V16.19 of Harmony Central’s “Make Better Music” newsletter which dispatches on September 12th, 2016.


    Harmony Central Director Dendy Jarrett explains, “Ever since Craig re-joined Harmony Central, I’ve been nagging him to resurrect ‘Craig’s List’ for a new audience. He always said the time wasn’t right, but fortunately, I discovered compromising pictures that helped immensely with his decision.”


    Poking fun at everything from musicians themselves, to music industry marketing, to artist’s contracts, Craig’s List entertained musicians for years with its mix of controversy, humor, and unabashed silliness. In addition to all-new material, as a special treat Harmony Central will publish some of the original, uncensored versions of columns published in Electronic Musician.


    According to Anderton, “Craig’s List was always the most difficult writing I did; it really did take a month to write and polish. Fortunately, the world has gotten so weird I don’t have to look anywhere near as hard for good material to satirize, so the time is definitely right to bring back Craig’s List.”


    For More Information Please contact: Dendy Jarrett -Director | Harmony Central Communities djarrett@harmonycentral.com





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