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  • Songworks Announces New Practice Amp

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    The Little Lanilei 3350LT hand made amplifier comes factory stock with new Songworks hand made 61/2" speaker, and features hand assembled point to point construction one 12au7 and one 12ax7a tube.

    "The 3350LT molds our popular 33 watt high gain and the 50 watt version. We wanted to have the best of both in one amp to offer to our customers. With superior sound and lightweight portability, the 3350LT can be used for any instrument," said Tris Mahaffay owner of Songworks Systems.

    The 3350LT amplifier weighs in at barely 10lb. A 33/50 watt combo barely bigger than a 6-pack of beer - 8 x 8 x 7 in size. The exterior features the classic beige grill with the Lanilei logo in 16 color embroidery.

    Besides the point to point hand wired tube circuits, the amp also offers line out , speaker out , 3 way foot switchable gain settings, and a proprietary Class A bipolar output stage - no IC's (the same output stage in the "Little Lanilei" line of practice amps)

    List $399.00. Shipping included in the continental US (offer expires 10-31-02)

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