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  • Sometimes A Facelift Is Just What You Need

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (MARCH 13, 2018) — Over this past weekend, gearphoria.com received its first significant upgrade in over five years. The new site is more SEO-friendly, responsive to more user interfaces and perhaps most importantly is now set up to accommodate daily news and web-only content not found in the bi-monthly e-magazine.


    The chief focus of the new site remains the bi-monthly e-mag, the latest of which can still be accessed via clicking the cover page. The latest issue, as well as the entire Gearphoria back catalog, has been updated to HTML5, so Flash will no longer be needed to view the e-mag. Downloading a PDF of the magazine remains the same -- just click the download icon in the control tray below the e-mag display. Back issues are easier to access than ever. The Back Issues button in the top menu will take you to a list of older e-mags. No more incessant arrow clicking to get to an earlier edition.


    The new site also has a video component called Thing Of The Moment. TOTM can be related to the current issue of the e-mag, or something totally different. It is sort of its own thing, but can also be used by advertisers to showcase a fresh demo of their latest MI offerings or by record labels to showcase new music.


    “While the main focus of Gearphoria will remain the e-magazine it is fitting that we launch a more dynamic and true destination site as social media channels begin clamping down harder on what our fanbase sees and doesnʼt see,” said Gearphoria publisher and editor-in-chief Blake Wright. “The new gearphoria.com isnʼt a revelation, just an evolution of what we believe our readers expect from us.”


    The relaunch of gearphoria.com coincides with the official launch of Gearphoriaʼs YouTube channel. While the channel has existed for a while in the shadows, a new emphasis on video content has made it appropriate to begin sharing with the public. Check out our newly-uploaded HD walk-thru of the 2018 Winter NAMM show —> https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Z3eXG6mQj94&t=8s and stay tuned for other video additions soon!





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