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    So, you make music and want to do it better. What do you do?

    If you have time and patience, you can try to teach yourself, which is one reason why we at Samplecraze publish books and create tutorial videos.

    If you have cash to burn, you could take a few years to do one of the many degree courses that promise to land you a hypothetical music industry job. But that’s a leap of faith.

    We think there’s a better, quicker and more affordable way to take your production skills to the next level: bespoke one-to-one tuition. Which is exactly what our founder Eddie Bazil is offering in his new Masterclasses!

    Rather than make you work through a rigid syllabus, as most courses do, Bazil tailors everything to the needs of the individual student, taking account of the genres in which they’re working, their level of experience, and what they want to learn. In fact, one of the Masterclasses takes the form of a ‘Mix Lab’ in which Bazil will deconstruct one of your own mixes and help you rebuild it to achieve a more polished, commercial feel.

    Other subjects include beat construction and drum mixing, essential mixing tools and skills, and synth programming and sound design. There are classes covering genre-specific techniques for dance and hip hop production, and others on industry standard software such as Logic Pro, Cubase and Wavelab. Whatever the subject, teaching is hands-on, interactive and accessible.

    Because tuition is personalised, Samplecraze Masterclasses are for everyone — from complete beginners through to college and university students, semi-professionals, and even experienced producers who want to expand into new areas of audio production.

    One of the biggest benefits, compared to many courses, is that you pay only for what you need: students can choose to take anything from a half-day Masterclass to a more comprehensive programme, covering several subjects.

    Tutor Eddie Bazil has over 35 years of experience in music production, programming, and remixing. His credits include countless dance and urban tracks, music for film and theatre, and sound design for popular software and hardware samplers. He’s written several books on audio technology, and contributed to leading magazines such as Sound On Sound.

    Masterclass prices start at £200 for a half-day, with discounts available for multiple bookings. Classes take place in a sound treated studio with professional monitors in the UK.

    Visit the Samplecraze website to learn more about the subjects available, read testimonials from students, and to book.

    Phone: +44 (0)1494 528419.


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