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  • New Site Offers Practice Tracks

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    Newcomer Dream Musician, Inc. has opened its virtual doors to musicians, hoping to make practicing a little more fun.

    "If you have ever dreamt of playing with your favorite artists, or simply wanted to add your own musical style to the songs that you love, the wait is finally over. Because we offer popular and independent music with certain instrumental tracks missing (i.e., the drum track, guitar track, etc.), musicians will now be able to play along with, and even record themselves playing along with various bands. By offering music in this instrumental karaoke format, musicians of all skill levels can fulfill a dream and finally have the opportunity to Play With The Stars," according to Matt Juall, President and Cofounder of Dream Musician, Inc.

    The products are available for purchase on CD via the website, www.dreammusician.com. Digital downloads will be available for purchase in the coming months. Samples of songs are available for download and certain tracks are streamed in the Education section of the website.

    Additionally, Dream Musician, offers the independent artists a strategy for generating revenue while offering free promotion.

    Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Dream Musician, Inc., and its wholly owned subsidiary DM Records, Inc., provides musicians, amateurs to professionals, a way of practicing for educational and/or entertainment purposes.

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