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  • New RealFeel Practice Pads

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    Apprentice Practice Pads

    The new Apprentice by RealFeel is a 7" single-sided gum practice pad with a non-slip material on bottom and an 8mm threaded insert for mounting on a pro cymbal stand or the RealFeel Pad Stand. The Apprentice sports a red base with gray gum rubber, in HQ's trademarked eight-sided shape. The Apprentice has a U.S. retail list price of $25.95.

    Pipe Band Practice Pads

    There are two new RealFeel Pipe Band practice pads, designed with the active pipe drummer in mind. Developed in conjunction with Willie Cantu, Nashville-based drummer and founding member/Lead Drummer of the Lovat-Cameron Pipe Band, both models have the same size specifications: a 10" base with a 6" playing surface. The Clear Tone model feels like a pipe drum and is suitable for beginners and the most discriminating advanced players. The Ultra Clear Tone model is pitched like a pipe drum and is best for solo players and drum lines seeking true clarity.

    Both models of the Pipe Band practice pads have SoundOff material on the bottom that serves as a non-slip surface and can also be played on for quiet practice. Both models are ideal for rehearsal when the pipers use a practice chanter because every nuance the drummers are playing can be heard. And, both models are also useful when the drummers are practicing separately as a group because the players can hear each other distinctly, from the Lead Drummer to the last drummer down the line.

    The RealFeel Pipe Band Pads each have a U.S. retail list price of $39.95.

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