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  • New Portable/Practice Kit From Tama

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    Stargestar SG518C in Vintage Red

    Tama unveiled its first "mini" drum kit at the 2003 Winter NAMM show. The new Stagestar set features a 12 x 14 bass drum, 8 x 10 and 8 x 12 toms, a 12 x 14 floor tom and 5 x 13 snare drum. Hardware includes: 1 straight cymbal stand, 1 hi-hat stand, 1, snare stand, 1, drum pedal, and one throne. Also included are 1 pair of 13" hi-hats and 1 16" crash cymbal. Three finishes are available: Black, Midnight Blue and Vintage Red. The list price is $649.99.

    Commented Ace Okamoto of the Tama Drum Division: "Our retailers have been clamoring for such a kit for years--and it wasn't easy for us to say no to them. But we had to hold off until we had a kit that was both competitively price and met the Tama standard. Our new Stagestar kit is the same great quality as our Swingstar kit, which is why it proudly has the Tama name on it. This is the perfect practice/rehearsal kit for the pro and, and it's the right kit for the young student who deserves a real drum set and not a toy. Drummers who find themselves on stages originally designed for one accordion player will find the Stagestar size a real plus."

    An optional SP518C Silent Practice kit for the Stagestar featuring mesh pads and cymbal mutes (for 13 hi-hats and 1 16" crash) is also available. The list price for the Silent Practice Kit is $99.99.

    Stargestar SG518C is an all-inclusive 5 pc kit that features drums, hardware and cymbals.


    • 8ply / 9mm Philippine Mahogany Shells
    • 8 X 10" Tom Tom
    • 8 X 12" Tom Tom
    • 12 X 14 Floor Tom
    • 14 X 18 Bass Drum
    • 5 X 13" Steel Shell


    • Omni-Ball Double Tom Holder
    • Low Profile Drum Pedal
    • Low Profile Snare Stand
    • Swivel Foot Hi-Hat Stand
    • Straight Cymbal Stand
    • Low Profile Drum Throne


    • 13" Hi-Hat Cymbals
    • 16" Cymbal"

    Available Colors:

    BK (Black), MNB (Midnight Blue), VTR (Vintage Red)

    Individual Stagestar components are not available separately.

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