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  • New Conductor Stand from On-Stage Stands Handles Oversized Sheet Music with Style

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    On-Stage Stands, manufacturer of popular music-related stands and other accessories, introduces its newest conductor stand, the SM7312W. The SM7312W joins proven designs like the SM7211B and SM7311W in a comprehensive line of band & orchestra stands.



    The key feature of the SM7312W is its oversized solid wood bookplate. At 13.5” x 22”, the bookplate is 3” wider than typical designs, and with a 2” return lip it accommodates large music books with room to spare for batons, metronomes, pencils, etc. Add a beautiful rosewood finish to its large dimensions, and the  SM7312W stands out in a crowd.


    Other features include an angle adjustment tension system that makes for easy bookplate positioning while maintaining a simple removable design. Stability and the portability are provided by a folding tripod base. A mid-point clutch adjusts height from 24” to 45”, meaning the SM7312W accommodates seated and standing applications. High impact leg housing, friction locking knobs, and non-slip rubber feet mean the SM7312W is built  for a lifetime of support and portability.


    The SM7312W is available now from On-Stage Stands. Contact your TMP representative for more information about this new stand and the rest of the On-Stage Stands line.


    Furnished by On-Stage Stands For more information regarding On-Stage Stands you can write us at On-Stage Stands, 154 Woodlawn Road, Suite C, Berlin, CT or call 1-800-289-8889. Please visit our website at www.onstagestands.com.

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