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  • Marshall Introduces Amp-inspired Phone Cases

    By HC News |

    STOCKHOLM – July 8, 2014 –Marshall Headphones is excited to announce the availability of its new iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. The cases feature the classic look and feel of legendary Marshall Amplifiers.

    The black, soft-coated cases feature vinyl wrapping that holds the phone in a vice-like grip, protecting it from any obstacles you may encounter on the road and also boasts the classic Marshall script logo.

    The Marshall iPhone 5 and Samsung S4 cases are available now on MarshallHeadphones.com for $20 each.

    About Marshall Headphones:
    The heavy sound of Marshall has been carried over the world for nearly 50 years. Breathless roadies and roaring trucks have worked hard to make Marshall heard all across the globe. The success story of Marshall Headphones is constantly being written since being launched in 2010.

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