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    Home & Project Studio is a new magazine for songwriters, performers, and producers who create music in their own home or project studios. Home & Project Studio has four fundamental goals:

    1. To explain complex audio subjects in simple terms without talking down to our readers.
    2. To give our readers the most complete information concerning recording technologies and production techniques.
    3. To thoroughly test and review the latest hardware and software products, so that our readers can get the straight story about how these products really work.
    4. To discuss tips and tricks that help expand music creation skills, unlike other magazines that often focus only on the technical side of making music.


    Home & Project Studio is not a webzine, whose content appears only online for a short period of time. Rather, Home & Project Studio is always available for download as a standard PDF file. That means you can read Home & Project Studio magazine at your convenience without having to worry about missing any part of the issue. And you can save each file so that you can always refer back to that issue whenever you need to. Furthermore, you can archive your issues onto your hard drive, a CD-ROM, or a DVD-ROM for easy storage.

    Home & Project Studio has also been intentionally designed to be easily viewable on a computer screen, unlike other digital magazines that are just virtual versions of their print layout. First, Home & Project Studio's pages are oriented in landscape mode, just like your computer monitor. Second, the fonts and type sizes have been chosen to make the onscreen reading experience a comfortable one. Third, the page contents are contained entirely within the computer screen, so that your eyes naturally follow the text, just like they do whenever you read a physical magazine.

    Home & Project Studio is also an interactive magazine! Readers can click on any ad, which connects them directly to the advertiser's page. There are also links to manufacturers' web sites in product reviews, so that readers can find out more information about an advertised or reviewed product, or instantly purchase it online.

    Most importantly, though, Home & Project Studio is free. All you have to do is go to www.HomeAndProjectStudio.com and download the current issue or the desired back issue. That's all there is to it.

    The first official issue of Home & Project Studio will be available July 1, 2007. However, there are mini-publications that will be occasionally posted before then. The first, "Don't Ever Ask That Question Again," is available for downloading now.

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