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  • Latch Lake Music To Introduce Newest Mic Stand At AES

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    Latch Lake Music will unveil their latest development in microphone stand technology at the upcoming AES show in San Francisco this October. The new stand is a smaller version of their highly acclaimed MicKing stand and is Latch Lake's response to industry-wide requests for a more compact, lighter stand.

    Latch Lake president and designer Jeff Roberts re-examined the role of the mic stand in today's changing studio market and developed the compact stand to better meet the needs of the smaller and home studio.

    The stand features a 20 pound interlocking base and a two section telescoping boom. Both the interlocking base and telescoping boom technologies have been imported from the original MicKing design to fit the smaller size of this stand. In addition, it can utilize all Latch Lake stand accessories including the Xtra Boom and Jam Nuts. The stand will retail for $450.00.

    "I'm very excited about this product," says Roberts, "You get all the benefits of the original MicKing stand in a compact and affordable solution."

    Attendees at the upcoming AES show in San Francisco can offer up name suggestions for this new product. The creator of the best name, chosen by the staff at Latch Lake Music, will receive a production model of the new stand.

    Latch Lake Music (booth #1131) will be showcasing their full range of microphone stands and accessories with hands-on demonstrations of their MicKing and Latch Lake Xtra Boom® products as part of the Tuff Co-Op at the upcoming AES show in San Francisco.

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