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    Aitokaiku, the “Instagram of Music,” is First Augmented Music Experience for Smartphones; Enables Users to Transform Sounds, Movement, and Lights Into Original Shareable Music in Real-Time



      BERLIN, GERMANY - Aitokaiku (www.aitokaiku.com), the first augmented music experience of its kind, today announced the launch of its mobile app. By using input from smartphone sensors, Aitokaiku, the “Instagram of Music,” enables Android and iOS smartphone users to create their own reactive personal soundtracks in real-time by transforming input from their environments – including sounds, movement, lights, etc. - to create original, endless, free shareable music. Aitokaiku is also the first user-generated music experience on Facebook Music Stories (http://media.fb.com/2015/11/05/music-stories-a-better-way-to-discover-and-share-music/), building global audiences that can literally listen to each other’s Aitokaiku feeds and share them with others. Users can download a preview version of Aitokaiku today, for Android devices, at http://download.aitokaiku.com/app/aitokaiku.apk

    The full iOS and Android versions will launch by the end of March.


    Facebook Music Stories, which launched in November, 2015, enables users to listen to streaming music as they scroll their news feed. Sharing Aitokaiku music as a Facebook Music Story has been built right into the app from the ground up. Aitokaiku app users just tap the share button to post their music directly to Facebook. Friends will be able to listen to the music easily from their news feed.


    Aitokaiku tears down the barrier to music creation and allows anyone, regardless of musical ability, to make their own music. Aitokaiku does not need Internet connection to play music. Aitokaiku’s patent-pending music technology also enables broadcasting of the music at original quality with a fraction of data usage.


    Music created by the Aitokaiku mobile app is created on the user’s device and is unique, so the music belongs to the user. It is royalty-free music that users can share globally—making it perfect for sharing on Facebook.


    Created by noted Finnish composer and DJ Jarno Eerola (also known as Joe Le Bon), Aitokaiku, which means “genuine echo” in Finnish, extends Eerola’s work in synthesizing movement and data to electronic music. Eerola gained renown in 2014 for synthesizing the Ebola virus to music. Aitokaiku Instant Live hardware, created by Eerola, has been used for hit songs, theatre plays, live concerts, movie soundtracks, and commercial ads. Aitokaiku, born as a soundscape art project, is now the first app-based music experience engine of its kind.


    “We are carrying one of the most powerful, sensitive, and personal devices ever created – today’s smartphone – with us everywhere, and it has the capacity to now only create music based on your location, mood, and the physical environment around you, but enable you to share that music that you have literally created with your friends,” said Eerola. “The Aitokaiku experience is part of a new wave of connected vibrations that people, particularly in the electronic dance music world, are enjoying, and we have now delivered the ability for anyone to create this kind of compositional music stream, from their pocket.”


    Users control the music on Aitokaiku by switching the four pre-installed Themes or by purchasing additional Themes in the Aitokaiku Theme Store. From hip-hop to classical, from techno to rock, the Themes change the sounds and style of music created by Aitokaiku, but the actual music is created live by the user’s environment. Each Theme can produce an infinite amount of music. Users can share their music with anyone, and, with the Pro version, users can tune into your Aitokaiku feed and listen in from anywhere. You can even upload your Aitokaiku creations, with the Pro upgrade, and make it available on the Aitokaiku Store for sale.


    Aitokaiku is a royalty-free, “set it and forget it” solution for businesses. Restaurants and retailers can have endless background music that is unique every day and that always matches the physical atmosphere and customer mood. Aitokaiku music is the perfect soundtrack for film and media, created by the action in the scene, with no licensing costs, because the music belongs to the user. Brands can create their own themes and have an official music vibe to compliment any customer experience.


    “Music listeners are plagued by streaming music’s tyranny of choice and suffer from playlist anxiety trying to manage their personal digital music collections,” said Laurent Martin, chief revenue officer for Aitokaiku. “Aitokaiku circumvents the arms race for curated music (both algorithmic and human-curated) by creating music that reacts to the user’s environment in real time instead of trying to predict the right music for every moment.”








    Aitokaiku, based in Berlin, Germany, is a new generation of generative music technology that enables users to create music using the sensors in their smartphones. Created by noted composer and DJ Jarno Eerola, Aitokaiku is available for iOS and Android devices and on Facebook Music Stories. For more information, please visit aitokaiku.com.


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    I ran the app as a beta release on Android. It does make some interesting sounds, but  as more of a soundscape than music.  I have used other algorithmic composing software that creates more interesting music. Also, the app is heavy on ads for Finland (is that who paid for it?). 

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