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  • E-MULetter Magazine Goes Electronic

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    E-MU / ENSONIQ has announced the launch of its new monthly E-MULetter email magazine that will feature news, operating system downloads, interviews, special offers and more, running as of August 22, 2001. The E-MULetter will keep E-MU / ENSONIQ users around the world apprised of the company's latest products, software releases, artist interviews and special E-MULetter offers, and provide direct links to pages on the E-MU / ENSONIQ website. Online registration for the E-MULetter is at www.emu.com/moreinfo.

    New Software Updates

    E-MU / ENSONIQ is continually working on new software releases for its products, and the E-MULetter is the perfect vehicle for keeping users updated on the newest releases and features. E-MU's new E-Loader program allows users to update the Proteus 2000 line of modules (including the Xtreme Lead-1, Mo'Phatt, Virtuoso 2000, B-3 and Planet Earth), as well as the new XL-7 and MP-7 Command Stations, via the Internet without having to install any hardware or send their units back to the factory. "E-Loader allows users to update their operating systems and enjoy the benefits of new features with a minimum of fuss," explains Sean Wilhelmsen, Director of Product Planning. "By linking directly to the download pages on our website, the E-MULetter is the perfect way to keep our users in the loop," he continues.

    News and Special Product Offers

    The E-MULetter will announce new product releases as well as special offers on sounds, accessories, and discontinued products. "The E-MULetter is a vehicle that allows us to promote special offers directly to the E-MU / ENSONIQ community," states Scott Emmerman, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Americas. "By offering these units through the E-MULetter, we can notify our users monthly of specials and give them the opportunity to purchase these units before we offer them to the general public."

    Artist Interviews

    The E-MULetter will also contain links to new artist interviews. "These interviews go far beyond just product endorsements -- these interviews discuss the artists' work, approach to their music and business, and how they use our products in the creative process," explains Derk Hagedorn, Marketing Manager. "E-MU / ENSONIQ develops products for a great variety of uses, from mainstream pop to eclectic music and sound design, and this is reflected in the great diversity of interviews featured on our site."

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