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  • Can You Repeat That Please?

    By HC News |

    Say 'TTT' (Say 'ThisThisThis'), a new customized announcement generator by USafeGuard Inc., provides a way to create custom repeated announcements for any event in a handy and timely manner.

    Say 'TTT' is the new app that has taken the power and functionality of a wired paging system utilizing digital announcers, to repeat messages and packed those capabilities into your smartphone. Say 'TTT' focuses on saving time by answering questions people might have at any event such as parking information, crowd direction, and other general event details. These events may be for a music festival announcing festival information, a realtor announcing square-footage and special amenities of a property, or even for a parent attempting to get a teen out of bed. In addition, Say ‘TTT’ is a completely mobile solution and can be set-up in seconds.

    "Say 'TTT' is the perfect organizational tool for any event. Whether it's parking information for Sunday church services or a music festival directing thousands of people, this app is here to deliver any customized message while you can focus on other matters," said Kevin Jones, founder and CEO of Say 'TTT'.

    A user can record up to three announcements along with a variety or delayed intervals (time between messages). It also provides custom duration times (scheduled length of time message will be played). Say ‘TTT’ also offers advantages to users by eliminating or limiting personnel, should as security personnel to handle often mundane and frequently asked questions.

    "We couldn't have made it easier for anyone to create an announcement that moves, instructs or informs people about their event or product. It's simple, quick, and someone can create it right from their smartphone," said Jones.

    Say ‘TTT’ allows users to pin point the exact message to smaller groups not possible with a single large paging zone. It also works with any Bluetooth speaker connected to your device, and supports playback through the headphone jack for existing wired PA systems. Say 'TTT' is available to purchase on iTunes for $3.99.

    ABOUT: Say 'TTT' is comprised of CEO Kevin Jones and Co-Founder Adam Haines. Haines graduated from Purdue University with a BSN in Nursing, and is a former Lt. in the U.S. Navy. Jones is a long-time small business owner and has owned several businesses stemming from the telecom industry, IT services and lastly in home automation and control systems. Both have a creative passion for technology and look to create a series of apps that simplify and enhance the lives of others worldwide.

    Download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/say-ttt/id1080089800?mt=8



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