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    A Turntable That Combines The Best Of The Old And New

    By HC News |


    TEAC TN-400S Turntable Combines 
    the Best of Old and New
    An all new, belt-drive, high-torque, DC motor assembly and Neoprene®-coated, high-inertia, aluminum die-cast platter with felt mat combine with a newly designed, low-friction spindle that reduces platter drag, resulting in precise, consistent rotation-speed and tonal accuracy. An anti-skating mechanism keeps the needle securely in the groove. The turntable comes with a pre-installed, replaceable Audio-Technica AT100E MM-equivalent cartridge that weighs 6.5g (±0.2), with a needle pressure of 1.4g (±0.4).

    The TN-400S combines high-quality analog audio performance with the convenience of modern digital technology. On the analog side, it sports a built-in phono EQ amplifier; switchable, gold-plated RCA phono/line outputs so you can play vinyl with or without the phono EQ; and gold-plated tone-arm contacts. A grounding terminal is on the rear panel, and an RCA audio cable with ground wiring is included. On the digital side, the turntable features integrated, 16-bit, 48 kHz, Texas Instruments analog-to-digital converters and a USB Type B port for easy archiving of your vinyl collection to a computer.

    External vibrations are an enemy of turntable performance, so the TN-400S boasts a robust, high-density MDF plinth that provides both vibration isolation and elegance, resulting in rock solid performance. Floating construction, using decoupled feet, provides high feedback resistance. The knobs and rubber-tipped feet feature machined aluminum operation.

    In addition to outstanding performance and workmanship, the TN-400S is graced by a classy wooden chassis that will enhance any room. Available in Bordeaux red, with a contemporary matte finish (TN-400S-MR), or in a natural walnut veneer (TN-400S-WA), it includes a detachable dust cover so you can customize it for your personal style. Power is supplied by an included AC adapter.

    The TEAC TN-400S offers everything you loved about classic, old-school turntables, along with the advantages of digital technology and attractive, contemporary design. Give one a spin at your TEAC dealer. For more information, visit www.teac.com/product/tn-400s.

    About TEAC
    TEAC Corporation has been a world leader in recording technology for over five decades. From simple magnetic recording devices to sophisticated digital and optical equipment, CD and DVD printers, TEAC has created a wide variety of innovative products for creating and enjoying music, as well as disk printing, publishing, industrial and aerospace applications.
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