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  • VocoPro Bags Up Self Contained Wireless Systems

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    VocoPro Launches Industry’s First Self-Contained 4 or 8 Channel Wireless System with Custom Built-In Gig Bag


    LOS ANGELES, Oct. 10, 2016—Audio leader VocoPro has added custom built-in gig bags to its popular UDH Play and UDH Choir lines of wireless mic systems with either 4 or 8 handheld or headset/lapel mics. For more information, please visit www.vocopro.com.


    For the first time, VocoPro is now shipping these multi-channel hybrid wireless systems installed in a custom gig bag making these products the first self-contained multi-channel wireless systems. Users need only connect the included XLR cables to their setup and the systems are ready to go. Tear down is easier than ever with the entire mic system housed in the custom gig bag.


    The UDH Play and Choir are 4 or 8-channel wireless systems configured with handheld (Choir) or headset/lapel (Play) microphones. Operating in the 900Mhz band, the systems are unaffected by TV broadcast interference that normally plagues other microphones on the market. Its professional- quality 24-bit resolution audio will be heard clearly across its entire 200 ft. range.


    The UDH Play and UDH Choir Wireless Mic Systems feature:

    • Industry’s First Self-Contained 4 or 8-Channel Wireless Microphone System
    • Receivers and Accessories Installed In Road Ready Gig Bag
    • Operates in the 900 MHz Band, which is free of TV Station Interference
    • All-in-one wireless Mic-On-IC™ has a pre-amp, compressor, and expander onboard
    • Uses proven analog UHF transmission technology for better range and reliability
    • Plug-and-Play design requires no microphone syncing or set-up


    Pricing for VocoPro UDH Play and Choir Systems (MSRP)

    UDH-Play-4 (handheld mics) $379

    UDH-Choir-4 (lapel mics) $379

    UDH-Play-8 (handheld mics) $759

    UDH-Choir-8 (lapel mics) $759


    About VocoPro

    VocoPro is a California-based professional audio company that was founded in 1991. For more than two decades, the VocoPro name has been synonymous with professional karaoke systems, and still holds the number one spot for high-end professional karaoke products. Providing the highest level of customer service in the industry, VocoPro understands that it takes more than a great product to keep a customer happy. A few of their many "world's first" designs include an all-in-one entertainment P.A. system, and a dual tray multi-format hard drive player. In addition to their many innovations, VocoPro's multi-channel wireless microphone systems reign as the top-sellers for most major music retailers.  For more information about VocoPro, please visit www.vocopro.com.

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