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  • Samson Launches XPD2 USB Digital Wireless System With Three Versatile Full-Range Microphone Solutions

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    Samson Launches XPD2 USB Digital Wireless System with Three  Versatile, Full-Range Microphone Solutions for Professional Audio




    HICKSVILLE, NY (September 20, 2018)Samson, an industry pioneer in professional audio products, announces today the launch of the XPD2 USB Digital Wireless System in Handheld (Samson Q6 dynamic mic), Headset (beltpack with Samson DE5 micro headset mic) and Lavalier (beltpack with LM5 lavalier mic) configurations. The XPD2 system is a versatile, wireless microphone solution that’s perfect for content creation, digital communication and live sound reinforcement. Offering simple setup and professional full-range audio, the XPD2 features a uniquely designed USB stick receiver that connects with computers, smartphones and XPD Wireless-enabled Samson portable PA systems. Available at major CE and MI retailers as of October 2018, the XPD2 Handheld will be priced $89.99, while the XPD2 Headset and XPD2 Lavalier systems will both be priced at $99.99.


    Easy to Use

    Unlike traditional wireless systems with large receivers that require AC power or batteries, the XPD2 system features an innovative receiver that’s built into a USB stick. This convenient design plugs into and draws power from a standard USB port on a computer. 1-touch pairing and 20 hours of transmitter battery life allow for shorter setup times and longer performance. The newly added 1/8" (3.5mm) output allows for headphone monitoring, or the system to be used with any device that has an analog line input.


    Mobile Compatible

    The XPD2 system is compatible with iPads and iPhones using Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, as well as with Android devices via a host OTG adapter (each sold separately). This makes the XPD2 ideal for upgrading audio for mobile video, including live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and more. It’s also ideal for journalists looking for a mobile solution to add to their setup when covering news on the street.  


    Perfect for Portable PAs

    In addition to digital communication applications, the XPD2 system can be used with Samson Expedition Series Portable PAs that feature USB Wireless ports to create a completely portable wireless solution. Two XPD2 systems can be used simultaneously in the same location to accommodate multiple performers.


    Product Features

    XPD2 USB Digital Wireless System

    • Simultaneous Systems: 2

    • Working Range: 100’ (30m) line of sight

    • Working Frequency: 2.404~2.476GHZ

    • Modulation Type: GFSK

    • Frequency Response: 20Hz–16KHz

    • Signal To Noise: >85dB

    RXD2 USB Receiver

    • Max. Analog Audio Output Level: 0dBu

    • USB Audio Sample Rate: 32KHz

    • USB Audio Support: Vista, Win7, Win8, Mac OSX without driver

    • Operating Voltage: 5V DC

    HXD1 Handheld Transmitter (Handheld)

    • Microphone: Samson Q6 Dynamic

    • RF Power: <10 mW EIRP

    • Battery Life: 20 hours from 2 x AA batteries

    PXD1 Beltpack Transmitter (Headset and Lavalier)

    • Microphone:Headset System: Samson DE5 Micro Headset Mic

    Lavalier System: Samson LM5 Lavalier Mic

    • RF Power: <10 mW EIRP

    • Battery Life: 20 hours from 2 x AA batteries




    About Samson

    Samson Technologies began in 1980 as a pioneer in wireless microphone technology. Today, Samson is an industry leader in professional audio solutions whose products are known for their fidelity and reliability. Samson products are preferred by recording artists, performers, educators and audio professionals throughout the world.


    To connect with Samson, visit samsontech.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.



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