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  • Roswell Introduces New Flagship Vocal Mic

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    Roswell Introduces New Flagship Vocal Mic




    Sebastopol, CA – Maverick American microphone company Roswell Pro Audio is enjoying a selection of high-strength IPAs in celebration of the announcement that their new flagship condenser microphone, the Colares, is finally shipping. Featuring a larger than life sound that is unapologetically rich in both tone and harmonics, the Colares was created with vocalists in mind. It excels at injecting color, vibe, and excitement into a track.



    Designed to deliver the sound of a revered vintage tube microphone, the Colares’ unique transformer-coupled JFET circuit topology produces musical harmonic saturation to enhance vocals and instruments. Its edge-terminated capsule captures exquisite detail and articulation, while its low noise floor allows quiet sources to be recorded without sonic artifacts.



    Two unique voicing features give artists and engineers exceptional control over the sound of the mic: The pad switch reduces both level and harmonic coloration, yielding a cleaner, more modern sound. The three-way filter switch allows the choice of three low-frequency rolloff points, to compensate for mic placement and proximity effect.



    “When I heard the very first Colares prototype, my jaw literally dropped," said Roswell Pro Audio founder and head designer Matthew McGlynn. “I was stunned at the sound we'd captured. This new mic is bigger and bolder sounding than anything we've made before, and is a fantastic complement our Delphos and Mini K47 models.”



    Every Colares is hand-built, tuned, and tested in Roswell Pro Audio's Northern California headquarters. The mic ships in a custom, heavy-duty flight case, with a Rycote shockmount.



    The Colares retails for $1259, and is shipping now.










    Roswell Pro Audio is a boutique microphone company founded by Matthew McGlynn of RecordingHacks.com. Roswell's microphones provide a distinctive sound and level of performance normally associated with far more expensive devices, and have won acclaim from musicians, home studio owners, and Grammy award-winning producers and engineers.

    For more information, visit http://RoswellProAudio.com/



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