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  • Earthworks Now Shipping DM20 Drum Microphone And Kits

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    Earthworks Now Shipping DM20 Drum Microphone and Kits


    Milford, NH – Earthworks announces its newest microphones for drum miking, including the DM20 DrumMic™ for close miking toms and snare, as well as several multi-microphone kits.


    The new DM20 DrumMic™ is a precision engineered cardioid condenser microphone designed for close miking toms and snare in live performance and recording environments.


    Key features of the DM20 include a cardioid polar pattern, 150dB SPL rating and flat 50Hz-20kHz frequency response.


    Machined out of stainless steel, the DM20 is capable of withstanding a stray stick hit. A right angle microphone head allows the user to position the microphone precisely, while the stiff yet flexible gooseneck will stay put even with the most energetic drummer.


    Each DM20 microphone ships with an RM1 RimMount™ for mounting the microphone directly on the rim of a snare or toms, eliminating the need for mic stands.


    Also new to the line are the revamped CloseMic™ Kits, which package DM20 microphones with RM1 RimMounts, windscreens and a rugged carrying case. The CMK4 comes with 4 DM20 microphones and accessories. The CMK5 comes with 5 DM20 microphones and accessories.


    The DK7 DrumKit™ is a 7 microphone kit comprised of 4 DM20 microphones for toms and snare, 2 SR25 microphones for overheads, and 1 specially engineered low sensitivity SR20LS for kick drum.  


    Prices for the lineup range from $419 to $2999 street.









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