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    Yorkville Sound Parasource Series Loudspeaker Line Now Shipping

    By HC News |

    Toronto Ontario, April 3, 2014 Yorkville Sound’s highly anticipated Parasource Series loudspeaker line in now shipping in all markets.
    Built on the success of our scalable Paraline Series loudspeaker line, ParaSource Series cabinets deliver superior performance in point
    source configurations. Manufactured in Canada and designed to deliver maximum performance and unmatched long term reliability, all ParaSource Series cabinets are built using the same rugged high impact ABS cabinet construction as used in the highly successful

    Paraline Series.

    image001-c0bdef42.jpg.5d7bc8a61419606e3c904cd14868d92c.jpgLarge Conical horns deliver improved constant directivity and markedly improved midrange response over any competitive cabinets
    in this class. Highly efficient high headroom Class‐D amplifiers, all new resonant mode switching power supply reduces overall cabinet
    weight while innovative DSP control delivers maximum sonic clarity and response.
    Integrated multi‐band limiting delivers an extremely transparent and natural listening experience, even at maximum speaker volumes. A switchable bass boost delivers improved bottom end performance and punch without sacrificing midrange clarity or presence.
    Innovative cast aluminum chassis with integrated angled heat sinking ensure that ParaSource Series cabinets will operate on any angle, in virtually any environment without need for fan cooling. An all new metal grille design is now more acoustically transparent while large, flared ports minimize chuffing and vent noise.
    ParaSource Series Cabinets have improved handle design and standmount adaptors making them the ideal lightweight solution for mobile PA and DJ applications. Improved cabinet geometry ensures ParaSource cabinets will operate ideally as front‐of‐house or monitor applications. Paintable ABS Cabinet design and integrated flypoints allow ParaSource
    Loudspeakers to easily be incorporated into any installation.
    PS10P – 800 Watt Program (1600 Watt Peak) 10‐inch Cabinet – MAP US $999.00
    PS12P – 1400 Watt Program (4400 Watt Peak) 12‐inch Cabinet – MAP US $1129.00
    PS15P – 1400 Watt Program (4400 Watt Peak) 15‐inch Cabinet – MAP US $1299.00
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