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  • Symetrix xIO Stage 4x4 Dante Stage Box

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    the Antidote to Network Endpoint Weak Links


    Seattle, WA-November 2019... 
    Say goodbye to traditional analog microphone lines that are prone to noise induction and general signal degradation; the new Symetrix xIO Stage 4x4 Dante™ stage box offers
    a far superior digital solution for professionals installing audio systems in difficult and demanding stage environments. 
    The Symetrix xIO Stage 4x4 is a rugged, durable, audio-over-IP solution that installs cleanly in any NEMA 8"x8"x4" electrical enclosure. Delivering pristine audio quality, the xIO Stage 4x4 provides four analog microphone/line inputs and four line-level outputs, converting the signals to and from Dante for transfer over standard CAT5/6 cable from a stage or other source location to a Symetrix Radius NX, Prism, or Edge DSP.
    An excellent choice for performing arts theaters, school gymnatoriums, houses of worship, courtrooms, conference rooms, and more, the xIO Stage 4x4 employs high quality 24-bit, 48 kHz A/D/A converters; premium Neutrik XLR connectors; carefully considered cable-management tie-points; and simple reconfiguration of input sources. The xIO Stage 4x4 is powered by a PoE injector or PoE network switch. Once signals are on the Dante network, they can be routed by a Symetrix DSP, without degradation, into multiple zones. Symetrix Composer software enables real-time setup and control from a Windows PC.
    "A system is only as good as its weakest link," observes Symetrix owner and CEO Mark Graham. "The Symetrix xIO Stage 4x4 is the antidote to endpoint weak links that diminish the performance of your audio system designs. We at Symetrix are proud to put our name on this highly engineered product of exceptional quality."
    For more information about the Symetrix xIO Stage 4x4, visit www.symetrix.co/products/dante-enabled-expanders.

    About Symetrix
    With unrelenting focus, Symetrix delivers high-performance audio DSP hardware and software backed by the highest caliber of customer care. Early-stage implementation of Dante™ network audio is just one of many ways Symetrix continues to lead with innovation in the commercial AV industry.

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