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    New Live Sound Series EQs from Crate

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    New for 1999, Crate Pro Audio has announced a new line of professional audio signal processing. The Live Sound Series features three premium graphic equalizers engineered with both studio and stage in mind. Features on the Live Sound Series include constant "Q" bandpass filter sets for precision control, ground lift to eliminate hum, and internal power supply. Additionally, each unit includes a wide variety of balanced/unbalanced inputs and outputs, including XLR, 1/4", and RCA. From simple feedback control, to complex room equalization, to creative recording effects, the Live Sound Series gives users precise tonal control over the entire audio spectrum.

    The LS1-131 features 31 one-third octave EQ bands at standard ISO frequencies, covering a 20Hz to 20kHz range, allowing users extremely precise and versatile switching capabilities. Users can switch from a 6dB position in a situation where boost or cut is minimal to a 12dB setting where more control is required. Various LED indicators monitor peak level, EQ bypass, and 12dB or 6dB mode. As an added feature both high and low pass filters are included on the LS1-131 & LS3-231. Users can tweak from 10Hz to 250Hz for low and 3kHz to 40kHz for high to eliminate ringing and inaudible subsonic frequencies, providing a noticeably cleaner sound. Center-dents help users find the "zero" position quickly and easily, plus, master level control allows for appropriate complete volume adjustments.

    The LS2-215 includes all the unique features of the LS1-131, plus an exceptional dual 15-band EQ with precise control over each 2/3rds of an octave. This is perfect for applications where minute control over each 1/3 is not required.

    The LS3-231 is the flagship for Crate Pro Audio's Live Sound Series. Including a dual 31-band graphic EQ set on 1/3 octave frequencies, the LS3-231 also features the addition of balanced XLR inputs and outputs as well as 1/4" connectors and RCA plugs.


    LS1-131 $199.99
    LS2-215 $199.99
    LS3-231 $299.99
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