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  • Digital Audio DJ Mixing Software for BeOS

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    Amsterdam-based N2IT announced the first version of their disk jockey mixing software, FinalScratch. FinalScratch is the first computer tool that lets DJs map digital media to spinning vinyl, the DJ's musical instrument. The hardware/software combination gives DJs the ability to use turntables to synchronize and interact with various media types.

    FinalScratch's architecture allows the user to synchronize multiple tracks of audio and video and manipulate them the way a DJ would. It lets users "needle drop" to set song position, change the RPM of the record for pitch and tempo manipulation, "scratch" by changing direction backwards and forwards, and synchronize each track's tempo based on beats per minute. DJs no longer need multiple hardware players to accomplish this task. For instance a DJ might have a track that is a bass line, another of drums, another of effects and several of video clipsall controlled by a single turntable. Using FinalScratch, DJs no longer have to interact with digital media using a computer mouse when mixing.

    FinalScratch works with any turntable without any hardware modifications. Actions such as spinning the vinyl back and forth, and repositioning the needle are immediately translated to similar operations on the digital media FinalScratch controls. The product consists of a set of specially prepared vinyl records, a custom amplifier, and software that tracks the vinyl's position precisely.

    Included with FinalScratch is SoundPlay, a popular MP3 audio player for the BeOS. The combination of FinalScratch and SoundPlay allows DJ's to instantly mix music stored in the MP3 format, using the intuitive interface that vinyl records provide. For more information on SoundPlay see: http://www.xs4all.nl/~marcone/soundplay.html

    Although initially targeted for audio uses, FinalScratch can be extended via third-party add-ons to support synchronization of media of virtually any kind. It makes extensive use of the new Media kit found in the BeOS Release 4. Any Media Kit savvy application can quickly take advantage of FinalScratch's controls.

    "Final Scratch has the potential of being a breakthrough product. Remix artists love tactile surfaces like vinyl disks on turntables. Final Scratch lets them get their 'hands on' digital media," said Timothy Self, Audio Developer Evangelist for Be.

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