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    Comply™ Foam Partners With Final Audio On 3 Revolutionary Earphone Models

    By HC News |


    Comply™ Foam Partners With Final Audio on 3 Revolutionary Earphone Models





    OAKDALE, Minn., Feb. 6, 2018 -- Hearing Components, Inc., manufacturers of Comply™ Foam earphone tips, recently partnered with S'Next, an industry-leading audio equipment manufacturer based in Japan, on the Final Audio F7200, F4100 and F3100. These in-ear headphones pair cutting-edge designs with Comply’s innovative foam earbud tips, providing phenomenal comfort, versatility and sound quality for users.


    S'Next recently released the Final Audio F7200, F4100 and F3100 to audio equipment stores across the world. These high-end in-ear headphones combine durable materials with state-of-the-art audio technology to deliver exceptional listening experiences for wearers. As members of Final Audio’s F-Series, the F7200, F4100 and F3100 are extremely lightweight and compact. Moreover, these models situate the driver unit close to the user’s eardrum, ensuring more vivid, direct sound quality. Final Audio’s F-Series products also offer exceptional fit with high sound insulation properties to maximize in-ear retention and minimize outside distractions, making them a great choice for athletes and commuters.


    As a result of its partnership with Hearing Components, Inc., all three of Final Audio’s F-Series earbuds come equipped with a pair of Comply™ Foam tips. These tips utilize proprietary viscoelastic memory foam technology to create a custom seal that adapts to the user’s ear canal as it reacts to shifts in temperature or movement, fostering peerless comfort, grip and sound quality compared to silicone tips. Final Audio’s F-Series products leverage Comply’s revolutionary earbud tips to ensure a snug, comfortable fit that optimizes listening experiences for audio enthusiasts of every kind.


    “Comply’s foam earbud tips deliver excellent fit and high sound insulation, bringing a feeling of ease to users. Thanks to this partnership, our F-Series earbuds deliver superb comfort and audio quality, resulting in the best possible listening experiences for our customers,” says Gaku Kudo, Managing Director of PR & Marketing at S'Next.


    The Final Audio F7200, F4100 and F3100 are currently available for purchase from a host of qualified US dealers for $479.00, $279.00 and $189.00, respectively.


    See more information on S'Next’s F-Series earbuds at snext-final.com/en/products/fseries/.




    About Hearing Components, Inc.: Founded in 1990, Hearing Components, Inc. has been offering unparalleled sound isolation, in-ear retention and comfort with Comply™ foam tips for over 15 years, continuously researching and developing new sound products and technology for consumer electronics, military, law enforcement, industrial communications and more. All Comply™ products are manufactured in Oakdale, MN. To learn more about Hearing Components and its wide selection of quality foam tips, visit www.complyfoam.com.


    About S'Next: S'Next was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of the major American connector manufacturer Molex, eventually gaining independence through an MBO in 2014. Since 2009, S'Next has been designing and manufacturing some of the finest earphones and headphones available, building a robust presence both in Japan and abroad in the process. S'Next is humbled by its steady growth and aspires to shape the electrical appliances category with unrivaled products for many years to come. To learn more about S'Next and its top-quality audio products, visit snext-final.com/en/.



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