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  • Yonac Software Releases miniSynth Keyboard Synthesizer for iPhone and iPod

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    Yonac Software is pleased to announce the release of the miniSynth, also known as miniApollo. It is the first in a line of synthesizers to come from the company. The miniSynth for the iPhone and iPod Touch is designed to look like a real vintage synthesizer and allows the user to adjust and customize sounds with two six-octave oscillators, retro filters, ten pre-sets, and more!

    "I always wanted a 70s wood-paneled synthesizer (think: rhymes with rogue)," says miniSynth designer James Yonac. "I'm proud to offer a portable synthesizer that pays homage to those classic analog synths for about one-thousandth of the price." The miniSynth is now available at the Apple iTunes app store for $1.99.

    Yonac Software was founded in New York City in 2008. The company mainly focuses on the development of music and sound related software. Yonac's other iPhone applications include TuneORama, an easy-to-use guitar tuner, and Thereminator, a touch screen theremin.

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